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The Tea Party Is Dead. Long Live the Tea Party.

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The US TEA PARTY was a project of CSE (Koch Citizens for a Sound Koch Economy) now since rebranded as FREEDOMWORKS-CSE and AFP (Koch Americans for Koch Prosperity).

The US TEA PARTY website can still be visited in the ARCHIVES.ORG wayback macine from 2002-2005, with mirror image pages on CSE.ORG.

In 2002 Americans were Enjoying GEORGE WRECKER BUSH as president for his first term and had already "taken their country back. The nation had never heard of Barack Obama yet.

In August 2001 the TAR HEELS TEA PARTY attacked the North Carolina State Capitol Bldg with 600 frothy-mouthed screamers throwing tea bags around and complaining about taxed too much already. This protest was sponsored by Dick Armey's dick army of CSE, and also ART POPE'S JOHN LOCKE INSTITUTE co-housed in the same offices as Charles Koch's Institute of Humane Studies at George Mason University.

The TEA PARTY project was created over decades of anti-cigarette tax front organizations funded by the Tobacco Organized Crime Racketeers, as evidenced by the TOBACCO DOCUMENTS housed at SF State U Legacy Library documents collections from the many tobacco trials documents.

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02 -- The Early Koch Tobacco Links.

In 1977 Charles Koch co-founded and funded the Cato Institute. David Koch has been continually on the Board of Directors watching over the family interests.

In 1978 David Koch created Reason Foundation. He has been continuously on the Board of directors watching the family interests.

In 1984, Koch Industries executive Richard Fink founded the Koch Funded Citizens For A Sound Economy. David Koch has been Chairman of the Board, or member of the Board, watching over the family interests.

Reason Foundation had strong ties to Burton C. Gray, heir to the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company fortune. Burton Gray died in 1989 and Reason Foundation continues a Burton C. Gray internship in his name.

Citizens For A Sound Economy had Burton's brother C. Boyden Gray as Chairman of the Board and Board Director. C. Boyden Gray is also heir to the RJ Reynolds Tobacco fortune. Father Gordon Gray was head of Americas first psychwar endeavor, the "Psychological Strategy Board", appointed by President Truman roughly simultaneously to Burton's and Boyden's uncle Bowman Gray, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company Chairman, co-creating a 50 year psychological warfare program targeting the American public involving the seven major tobacco companies in the mid 1950s.


01. First Post

I have spent many hours in the archives looking at the evidence brought in trials that convicted some of the most wicked evil people who ever lived. The evidence was hard fought over. Lawyers argued back and forth. Massive amounts of money was involved and officials were corrupted. It took fifty years to expose and convict the Tobacco Mafia and their methods. In the 1990s the various states put their top law enforcement officers against one of the largest organized crime operations ever. Court orders forced the Tobacco Racketeers to produce their file cabinets of secret memos, letters, notes, emails, canceled checks and plans. Earlier the Tobacco Mafia agreed to settle to dodge a worse outcome in court trials, and part of the settlement was they were required to post their files and documents on the internet so America could see the full 50 year history of a crime spree that killed tens of millions of American.

With many millions of documents it can be confusing to try to understand a story involving so many conspirators and so many activities. This blog attempts to simplify by digging out key documents which illustrate the creation of the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT by Tobacco Racketeers and their paid henchmen.

Here is an example of how long this has been in the works... in 1982 a public relation contractor presented a plan for a mock "Boston Tea Party" including characters wearing historical costumes to foster a tax revolt for the benefit of tobacco sales -- lower cigarette taxes lead to increased sales. A Public Relations Program for the Tobacco Institute

The blog will attempt to explain what ever happened to that plan, now after 30 years of implementation have progressed. You will be shown the budgets that paid millions upon millions of dollars into these deceptive schemes.

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