Tuesday, January 3, 2012


02 -- The Early Koch Tobacco Links.

In 1977 Charles Koch co-founded and funded the Cato Institute. David Koch has been continually on the Board of Directors watching over the family interests.

In 1978 David Koch created Reason Foundation. He has been continuously on the Board of directors watching the family interests.

In 1984, Koch Industries executive Richard Fink founded the Koch Funded Citizens For A Sound Economy. David Koch has been Chairman of the Board, or member of the Board, watching over the family interests.

Reason Foundation had strong ties to Burton C. Gray, heir to the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company fortune. Burton Gray died in 1989 and Reason Foundation continues a Burton C. Gray internship in his name.

Citizens For A Sound Economy had Burton's brother C. Boyden Gray as Chairman of the Board and Board Director. C. Boyden Gray is also heir to the RJ Reynolds Tobacco fortune. Father Gordon Gray was head of Americas first psychwar endeavor, the "Psychological Strategy Board", appointed by President Truman roughly simultaneously to Burton's and Boyden's uncle Bowman Gray, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company Chairman, co-creating a 50 year psychological warfare program targeting the American public involving the seven major tobacco companies in the mid 1950s.